Do you take Car Batteries?
Yes we accept Car Batteries. We are also licensed to collect car batteries from your site. For more information on selling us your scrap batteries please go to our Services page.
Do you scrap cars?
No we do not scrap cars. We can only accept some elements of scrap cars: e.g. catalytic converters, motors, batteries etc. For more information please see our Products page.
Do I need to bring anything else with me when I bring in Scrap?
Yes we are required by law to ask for your Driver's License before accepting your scrap metal. Please present this on arrival.
How do I know what my scrap is worth?
You can enquire about prices of metals at any time; either by submitting an online form, or calling the office. Please be aware that as the market fluctuates, prices may vary.
Do you pay cash?
Yes we can pay by cash, cheque or bank transfer - whichever is most convenient for the customer.
Do you accept White Goods?
No, we do not accept white goods, e.g. fridge, washing machines, microwaves, dishwashers etc.
Do you supply skips?
Yes, please send us an enquiry for more information.