Click on each picture to see examples of these metals or where to find them.


Copper is one of the most valuable metals. Examples of copper scrap are cylinders, piping, and sheeting. 

Bright Copper Wire

Bright copper wire consists of  No 1 Copperwire. It is a thick copper wire that has had it's insulation stripped off. 

High Grade Cable

This is a large single core copper cable with PVC coating. It's value will be based on the percentage of copper that the wire consists of.

Household Cable

Household cable is a copper wire coated in PVC. The value of the cable is determined based on its weight and copper content. Household cable must be free of any plugs and attachments. 


Steel is hard, strong and one of the heaviest metals. It is widely used in the construction and fabrication of material such as steel girders. Although it is one of the heaviest metals and most frequently used, it is also the least valuable. 


Stainless Steel

Stainless steel scrap is commonly found in metal fabrication, kitchenware and exhaust systems. Use a magnet to determine whether you have steel or stainless steel. If the metal is magnetic, i.e. the magnet sticks, you don't have stainless steel.


Common sources of scrap lead are: sheet roofing lead and lead piping.

Lead Batteries

At our facility we have a license to accept lead acid batteries from both cars and trucks alike. Please be careful transporting batteries to our facility as they contain sulphuric acid.


There are several types of aluminium scrap you will come across. Be sure to check it with a magnet - aluminium will not stick and is usually light and a silver coloured metal. Aluminium does not rust and can be found in cast and sheet form. Examples of aluminium include; engine blocks, bumpers, cans, coils, radiators, wheels, windows, doors, pots and pans etc.

Lithographic Plates

Lithographic plates are a smooth, flexible, high grade of aluminium found mostly in the printing industry.


E.g. locks, gears, bearings, for plumbing and electrical applications, musical instruments, horns, bells etc



Bronze can be a very dense and heavy scrap metal. Usually used in plumbing fixtures and other mechanical pieces, scrap bronze commands a slightly higher price than brass.


We buy all forms of electrical motors. The value of each will be determined by the copper content.

Alloy Wheels

We accept alloy wheels with or without the tyres. Wheels without tyres are more valuable. 


Zinc is mainly used in galvanisation or the coating of steel and iron, it is also used as an alloy with brass. Pure zinc without any foreign material is the most valuable.


The aerospace industry is the largest supplier of titanium scrap. Titanium scrap  is recycled from engines and structural components from airplanes, satellites and spacecraft.


Scrap compressors contain valuable copper windings and most commonly found in fridges, air conditioning units and other cooling systems.

Starters / Alternators

Starters and Alternators are revolving mechanical parts of a car. They are valuable for scrap metal recycling as they contain copper wire, aluminium and steel.

Catalytic Converters

We buy all types of catalytic converters from motor vehicles. There are many different types and prices due to the various precious metals they are compliled of. 


Household radiators are made of steel. Car radiators are made of aluminium, copper and brass.